dinsdag 24 november 2009

Trash Yourself!

It was last Fight Klub, and things were allready getting rough, as S. threw up his Garden Lovers Pizza with Extra Chicken, Schmettie lost another pair of Ray Bans and some ugly dyke tried to harass me at the toilets. It must have been about that time that Trash Yourself took over the K-NAL stage and Hasseled our Hoff with a wild, loud and stirring set. I had, honestly, never heard of them before, but it was quite a business card they handed out. Trash Yourself are John, the white boy who plays that funky music, and Heidi, who is basically drop-dead gorgeous.
John said he liked my make-up, which was our cue to submit him to a cross-examination.

TP&PPP: How did you and Heidi meet and how did you start up this project?
John: We met in Oklahoma where we are from. I was DJing some warehouse parties and she was there one night and requested Madonna or something. Then we ended up having classes at college that were next door to each other so we started talking in the hall way. She said she wanted to do some music so we gave it a shot and people ended up liking it.

TP&PPP: What's the dance scene in America like? Here in Europe it's pretty big and dance is almost mainstream. Kind of different from America, where it isn't really appreciated as much as, say hiphop or rock. Or is that just some big-headed European thinking?
John: I think you are exactly right... and I think that's how Americans perceive the situation as well. It's still pretty underground here. It's starting to change. Top 40 hip hop in America is beginning to have more 4/4 dance beats rather than 90 bpm break beats, but a lot of Americans have this idea in their head that they don't like "techno," when in fact that's what they are listening to on the radio now. Americans like to shake their asses.

TP&PPP: Living in NYC like you do is a dream of many people here in Europe, the city that never sleeps and everything... Is it really that cool? And what's it like for a New Yorker to be at a party in Brussels, for example, Fight Klub?
John: Although I have spent a lot of time in NY I won't be an official New Yorker for a few weeks (moving there in December). Heidi lived there for a few months. We just stayed there for a week and played Webster Hall in the Lower East Side. It was the last show on the tour after EU. It was great, a massive room. We shared the bill with Designer Drugs and Kissy Sell Out. NY crowds are different though. NY has a different demographic. There aren't many families in NY. It is so expensive there that its mostly 25+ people that live there. You really have to be busting your ass and doing something amazing to live there. So it's usually older crowds, much different from a party like Fight Klub. American venues are generally 21+ also. NYC is amazing though. I can't wait to move my studio there and I encourage everyone to go who hasn't been there. It's a very inspiring place to be.

TP&PPP: We noticed you were filming or taking pictures during your gig. You keep some kind of album of parties you played at? If so, what's the coolest picture you've got?
John: I have tons of film from this month. Almost too much to sort through. Once I get it all compiled and edited I'll send you the link! We got some interesting footage in 3 nights in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.
Here's a couple clips from Fight Klub: clip 1- clip 2

TP&PPP: Haha, I think I could see the back of my head for two seconds in the last clip! But back to business: nowadays electro seems to be dominated by fidget and bloghouse, like the Bloody Beetroots, Crookers ea. How do you feel about this evolution?
John: It's all just a link in the chain. From traveling around now I hear people starting to say Electro is over. Which I don't think it is, especially after playing parties like Fligh Klub which is bangers all night long. I have noticed a lot of Electro DJs now starting to play either more minimal or more disco... and then there's the whole dubstep movement that's going on. Before Electro Bangers were the rage, dancerock was cool, which I really liked because it was more song based. I think it will get back to that in a few years, song oriented again.

TP&PPP: The bloggers of TP&PPP have a lot of Jack Daniels-related adventures we'd rather not speak of. What's the worst way you ever trashed yourself at a party?
John: I have this new game I started with my other friends that are traveling DJing. We have what is called a "rageoff," where we basically see who can rage the hardest that week. Sometimes we are together, sometimes in different cities. We just bought those little flip HD video cameras for documentation. We are in the process of trying to decide on a point scale.. Like for instance I somehow managed to cut my forehead with some metal object before our show in Denver the other day.. Bloodshed = 5 points. Something along those lines. Throwing up or blacking out would count for something else.. Pissing your pants would count for something.. pissing someone else's pants, even better. You get the idea. I usually win. I will not tell any stories though in order to protect the innocent. From the EU tour I can easily say that Italy was the craziest in that regard.. I'll just leave it there.

TP&PPP: And for the best, I guess!

Trash Yourself not only treated us to Southern Comfort and apple juice, but they also sent us the links to these yummie tracks you just have to check out:
Trash Yourself& The Toxic Avenger- Song 2 (TRASHED)
Trash Yourself- Touch (ACSlater Remix)
Trash Yourself& The Toxic Avenger- Die

This Friday, it's time for another banging Fight Klub, and we'll be there, as always scoring high on a Trash Yourself Rageoff-scale... See you at K-NAL, kids.

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